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How to create and use credit coupon for overcharged customers?

1. Click on Product & Service

2. Click on COUPON

3. Click on NEW

4. Type a name for the new coupon

5. Type “0” for Price. Make sure you select “Yes” for Allow FOC.

6. Select “Credit Coupon” for Type

7. Select “Credit the paid amount” for Credit

8. Make sure there is no discount for this coupon

9. Click on SAVE

10. Notice the new coupon has been created

11. Click on Sale & Appointment

12. Click on SALE TICKET

13. Click on NEW

14. Find the overcharged customer

15. Set an employee to make sale

16. Search for the new coupon in searchbox

17. Click on the added coupon

18. Enter a value for price, the price will be the amount of credit in the coupon

19. Again, make sure there is no discount applied to the coupon

20. Tick Prepaid checkbox so that the customer can use the coupon in the future

21. Select FOC so that the coupon is free with credits

22. Click on OK

23. Click on CHECK OUT

24. Make sure the ticket has been created

25. In future, you can check prepaid item in TRANSACTION section of Customer Details page

26. You will see a new coupon with the entered amount

Last update: May 2023

Still need help? Don't worry, we're here to help

Still need help?
Don't worry, we're here to help