Latest Update

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1. Enhancement

WESS System major migration to new system architecture

Commission Allocation
– Change the new procedure for commission allocation

Online Booking
– Added “Request” icon for online booking

2. Bug Fixed

– Fixed system related bug


Mass Checkout Function

  •  Retire the mass checkout function.

Branch Setting

  • Added new right to restrict user publish / unpublished branch.

Bug fixed

  • Fixed system related bug.


Daily Receive Report

  • Added GST column into the report. User now will able to check the received amount and GST amount.

Claim Function (for HR Module)

  •  Added history. User now able to check the claim history in staff’s profile.

Listing Page

  • All the listing will show published “YES” now.

Bug Fixed

New Customer Report

  • Fixed the backend logic on this report.

Online Booking

  • Fixed the backend bugs.


  • Enhance the Customer’s nationality from empty column to dropdown box.
  • Enhance the user’s role, added new access right for adjusting the reward point.

Bug Fix:

  •  Fixed appointment block exceed the appointment timeframe.
  •  Fixed stock out invoice issue. Now the stock out invoice is showing company name instead of person in-charge name.


  • Only the related “payment method” will be displayed at the bottom of the report.
  • Enhanced the “first visit” report logic.
  • Enhanced Commission Payment, user now able to generate all the staff commission in one action.

Bug Fixed:

  •  Fixed “use prepaid” checkbox issue.

New Features:

  • Payment allocation function. It allow user to allocate the received amount to individual items.


  • Remove the additional “tax” column on.
  • Purchase Order.
  • Email blasting with credit charge.

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed “Sale Summary” report filtering bugs.
  • Fixed “Tax Summary” report bugs.
  • Fixed receipt content overlap.

Appointment Book Enhancement:

  • Appointment ordering based on employee clock in time.

Online Appointment Enhancement:

  • Enhance the booking timing logic, which now customer able to book the appointment 3 hours later (same day).

HR Module Enhancement:

  • System will auto clock out the employee attendance if exceed the preset timing.

Reporting Enhancement:

  • Opening Closing Stock added new filtering (able to search “date” now) .

Customer’s Profile Enhancement:

  • Added NRIC format checker.
  • NRIC now display last 3 digits + last alphabet.

Bug Fixed:

  •  Fixed the alignment issue on receipt.


  • Added new report “payment charge” .

New Function

  • Added “Recurring Invoice Function”. This function allow user to create recurring invoice for their customer.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed duplicate mobile number issue.
  • Fixed prepaid function issue.
  • Fixed decimal display issue on report.

Still need help? Don't worry, we're here to help

Still need help?
Don't worry, we're here to help